Temptingly Tasty Menus From Hog Roast Scotton

When it comes to providing tasty food at an affordable price, Hog Roast Scotton is number one, regardless of the type of special occasion that you need catering or its formality. From casual backyard barbies to swanky black-tie dinners at boutique hotels, with either a handful of friends or hundreds of guests, we specialise in every kind of function that you can think of. We’re often asked to cater wedding receptions, milestone birthdays and corporate events, as well as engagements, anniversaries and christenings, but yesterday we catered a retirement party with lots of scrumptious pigs in buns – a great speciality of ours that once tried is never forgotten.

Hog Roast ScottonTo make our amazing Hog Roast Scotton pigs in buns (which you may know as hog roast rolls), we source the fresh meat from a trusted local supplier of ours and prepare by scoring all over, covering in plenty of water and then rubbing in lots of salt, which makes the delicious crackling. Once the machine is turned on and the temperature is set low, the hog sizzles away in its own juices for several hours, until we get tender and moist insides and skin that’s browned and crispy. You can’t rush a traditional centrepiece hog roast – it takes as long as it takes – but once done and rested, it’s definitely worth the wait. We make our own apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, which we cram inside soft bread rolls and wraps together with the pork and crackling, and then finally we hand over to you and your guests to devour with relish, with or without the condiment of your choice.

Geoffrey recently asked Hog Roast Scotton to cater his retirement party at home with friends and family and even though he was tempted by the sound of one of our winter warmers, our new loaded fries menu and our fabulous Southern Slow Roast, he decided that our pigs in buns would be the perfect choice for everyone invited, so on Friday afternoon, our chef and assistant cooked up a storm for fifteen people. By 6pm, our lovely food was ready and Geoffrey and his guests couldn’t wait to dig in.