Hog Roast Catering


Hog Roast catering is now starting to take over many of the more traditional forms of catering, especially at Weddings and also the more formal functions. If you are undecided about the catering for your next event then have a look through our choice of menus and you will be sure to have made a decision by the end! We have a fantastic team of experienced catering professionals who take care of everything for you, from set up, to serving and then also the clean up, you therefore have nothing to worry about on the day. Our Hog Roast Market Rasen machines are the best in the industry for hog roasting, put together with our years of experience in the hog roast industry means that we will produce the most succulent tasting pig you have ever experienced, not to mention our famous crispy crackling!

Cost-Effective Catering

When booking a hog roast with us, we do not charge per head unlike many catering companies, therefore when choosing the Spitting Pig you may be surprised how cost effective it is to cater for a large amount of people. Especially for Weddings, a hog roast is an excellent choice, our varied menus mean that you will still be able to have exactly what you want for less cost, but not cutting on the quality. You may be worried that a hog roast can’t actually please everyone? You would be mistaken! We pride ourselves on our ability to cater for all requirements. A vegetarian or vegan can still love a hog roast, we have a delicious set of options at Hog Roast Market Rasen that sometimes even the non-vegetarians are choosing! Something becoming ever more common is gluten intollerance, you may not realise yourself and may not even thought about it when planning your catering, however we already provide a selection of gluten free bread rolls. So don’t worry about pleasing all of your guests, we already have done for you!

Ideal Catering – Hog Roasts

A hog roast is a perfect choice for any event that is being held indoors or outdoors, and we will be able to cover any location. Our years of experience in the catering industry has seen us cover a full variety of events, large and small we don’t mind. All of our events are equally as important as the other and we intend on providing the most outstanding service. The variety we offer means that the opportunities are endless with Hog Roast Market Rasen, a wide variety in meat choices, side dishes, canapes and desserts. We also offer the opportunity to tailor any of our menus to meet exactly what you are looking for, you may even want to call it ‘pic n mix’.

Take a look at our menus, you will be hungry by the end!