Serving moist chicken sandwiches

Hog roast  have been busy this week and we have not had time to stop we had a large corporate event at the beginning of the week and it was for a very important client. We catered for one thousand and were literally rushed off our feet! Serving moist chicken sandwiches dipped in our special gravy, lamb and mint sauce sandwiches and pork and apple sauce sandwiches we had a huge mountain of buns to cut through the meat was easy it cooked its self and using our large machines we were able to cater with ease. The very next day we were east of the UK and a new gym that had just been built was about to open to the public we were asked to cater for five hundred we had two pigs roasting and they really gathered interest amongst passers by we cooked chicken and turkey too and sliced up the meat and again popped them into sandwiches we sure have went through some buns this week our baker has been amazing and we are so grateful to him. Yesterday we were back out east again to an old peoples home for a very special young lady who was 100 years old! It was lovely all her family came from all over the world to help her celebrate it was wonderful we made sliced chicken, pork and lamb with an assortment of salads with dips and sauces, we also made some jacket potatoes and filled these with tuna and sweet corn and chicken and bacon, the lady to be honest put us all to shame she was amazing for being 100 and was as bright as a button and she was so interested in the cooking and had a bash at the carving which she thoroughly enjoyed! Today Hog roast hire  have been stripping the machines and giving them a good clean and are getting them all gas serviced later today best do this whilst we are quiet as at the weekend we are busy again this time up north for our first wedding of the year and we do love a good wedding…

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