Birthday party in the main village.

A glorious day of rain here in South Kyme! We’re off to work at a birthday party in the main village, it’s been quite an eventful trip to get here with the van deciding to break down on us, my phone deciding to switch itself off and the satellite-navigation having a go at sending us the wrong way a few times! We made it regardless of all of the faults, I knew we would too. The birthday party itself was booked for a young, university graduate that had returned from travelling the world and had taught English in China, I’ll bet he’d had his fair share of strange meat out there! Needless to say, he was being treated by mum and dad to a freshly roasted and well received hog roast South Kyme from my fair hands.

I had the AA come down and check out my van whilst I worked, turned out that it was just a loose lead after all! I have no idea about mechanical workings of things! Never interested me, just give me a hog any day and I’ll show you how quickly I can have the worlds tastiest, most scrumptious hot sandwich in a few hours! Having a hog roast hire South Kyme meal was great fun for all concerned, especially the birthday boy! I enjoyed meeting all of the guests and also liked the party games that they had prepared for the traveller. Beer pong? I’d never even heard of that! I do however hop that one day it becomes an Olympic sport. I hope the youngsters had a great evening tucking into the hog roast South Kyme as they continued long into the night, albeit on full stomachs! Again, I had no complaints about my work; I also had very little meat left so I must have done something right.

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