Glorious sunshine!

We were out and about again this weekend in the glorious sunshine and the sunshine made such a difference! We were north of the county and catering for a wedding a beautiful stately home was the venue and it had the most fantastic views all fields and beautiful countryside. Hog roast had a fleet of staff in toe as we were catering for one thousand and we drafted in a few staff from a fantastic employment agency that we use whenever we get large event to help us. We arrived early and the tables looked amazing we set up our machines and the pig was rotating on the spit in no time we then placed chickens, lamb and duck on another machine and the room smelt wonderful! Hog roast hire then got on to prepare the vegetables we pealed a vast amount of carrots, sweet corn and green beans, we prepared the salmon and salad and he wedding menu consisted of smoked salmon with glazed salad and yogurt dressing, the main pork and crackling or chicken lamb or duck with garlic butter baby new potatoes, honey glazed carrots, green beans and sweet corn we also made cracking and stuffing with lots of lovely thick gravy. When the wedding party arrived they were all on ore of the pig and it caused quite a stir everyone wanted to see the pig and the pig is always the entertainment at our events and it gets everyone chatting! Our chefs looked so professional as they carved the meat and placed it on the huge serving dishes our staff quickly started to serve the guests and the food was greatly received with lots of lovely clean plates. As we cleared away the guests all commented on how delicious the meat tasted and couldn’t believe the texture of the meat as it always cooks so tender. We left the venue feeling very happy and thanked our staff for the fantastic job they did and our extra staff who were amazing and we are getting to know the same faces as we are getting extra staff a lot lately and hoping to make a few permanent in the next few months.

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