School Fair – Hog Roast Belton

Last Saturday was my first time catering for a school fair and as soon as we arrived at the primary school in Belton I couldn’t help feeling like it was such a treat!  It took me right back to my childhood with an array of raffle stalls, plenty of fun fair-type games (including my favourite hook-a-duck, which was surprisingly harder than I remember!), and comforting hot drinks and fantastic hot chocolates aplenty to warm everyone up on the frosty Saturday morning. We had been invited by the headmaster of the primary school to provide some tasty food for the children and visitors of the school fair. The fair itself was to help raise money for some new PE equipment for the children to enhance their sports and lessons.

With the fair opening its gates for visitors at 11:30AM we were required to arrive at the school bright and early, with not even the sun fully risen to begin setting up our own stall. With a giant gazebo above our heads to shelter us from that icy November breeze and for protection from any unexpected weather conditions, we got to work in preparing our hog roast Belton. We were cooking up a large free range hog, slow cooked for several hours over our signature open spit fire flames and some delicious barbecued food including delicious beef burgers and yummy sausages, all of which would be served in freshly baked, floured buns. Perfect outdoor winter food!

Before long, visitors were arriving excitedly through the school gates and heading down onto the playground where plenty of stalls greeted them as well as some live music from a brass band and the smell of our scrumptious hog roast Belton cooking away. The queue for our food stall seemed to last all day and I’m sure I spied one or two familiar faces coming back for second helpings which is always a good sign! Hungry visitors enjoyed perfectly barbecued burgers and sausages with a range of tasty sauces or piled lashings of pork meat onto bread rolls topped with crispy crackling and apple sauce – and don’t forget the stuffing! A great day for all involved which helped raise some fantastic money for some new school equipment!