Hog Roast Barton-upon-Humber – Birthday Barbecues Out In The Sun

Hog Roast Barton-upon-HumberHere in Britain we all know what it means when the sun comes out – even just a little. Barbecues, of course! Yes, a classic of British summer, the barbecue is our go to dining choice when the sun and the heat arrive to our shores for those few summer months, and for good reason too! What better a way to take in the summer atmosphere than with a good grilled up roll and link with plenty of ketchup, or a delicious flame licked burger ready to flip right from barbecue to burger bun. We love our barbecues here, and at Hog Roast Barton-upon-Humber we love cooking them up gourmet style for our customers even more than eating them!

So, then, when we took a call from a woman called Hanna last month looking to celebrate her 32nd birthday with a barbecue out by her local park, we were more than happy to say yes. Hanna herself is vegetarian, so of course it might have initially seemed odd that she was coming to a caterer called Hog Roast Barton-upon-Humber for her birthday, but she had enjoyed our famed BBQ pulled jackfruit and our grilled veg and halloumi skewers at a work event last year and so wanted to bring that same excellent Hog Roast Barton-upon-Humber goodness to her birthday celebration. Plus, she is a sucker for a good barbecue and knew that her friends would all appreciate a couple of gourmet style burgers and sausages for the party.

Hog Roast Barton-upon-HumberWorking with our team, Hanna and our Hog Roast Barton-upon-Humber planning team devised a perfect menu for her day. The menu was a variation of our classic barbecue menu, though with even more veggie additions. For example, instead of our hog roast that sometimes accompanies the barbecue as well, we had our jackfruit seeing as it is what brought Hanna to us in the first place, and we had more grilled veg and even a couple of grilled fruit options such as pineapple too for the barbie.

Thankfully the sun did indeed shine amongst a week of rain and thunderstorms, so Hanna’s birthday barbecue was able to go just as she had hoped. Our Hog Roast Barton-upon-Humber team served the day for around 4 hours before we then packed up and headed off to leave them to it. An excellent day all around in the sun!