Delicious Hog Roast Yarburgh Wedding Feast For Sixty

When it comes to Hog Roast Yarburgh providing tasty, homemade food for your special occasion, we use fresh, local, high-quality ingredients in order to do so, as we want only the best for our customers and their guests. Using top-quality local meat sourced from trusted suppliers of farmers and butchers is one of the main ways that we do this, and you can tell in the taste, smell and look of it.

Hog Roast YarburghWhether you choose to have traditional centrepiece hog roast featured at your next party or event, or a spit-roasted meat instead like piles of chickens or turkeys or a hunk of lamb or beef, or one of our speciality menus served instead, like our fabulous Southern Slow Roast or Loaded Fries, the meat that we cook is a theatrical affair, which looks amazing, smells scrumptious and is a taste sensation like no other. We offer so much choice and variety to ensure that everyone you invite gets to enjoy delicious food, however, and not just your carnivore guests…

If you’re inviting guests on special diets like vegan, vegetarian or plant-based, Hog Roast Yarburgh can provide a tasty, suitable dish, made fresh on the day. We can also do this if your guests have particular intolerances or allergies, like gluten-free or dairy-free; just let us know your needs when you book and we’ll make sure that those guests are well-fed too. Additionally, Hog Roast Yarburgh can offer multi-course menus, as we have lots of starters, sides and desserts available, and we can help you to create the menu of your dreams, regardless of the type of special occasion that you’re planning.

For an informal wedding reception meal that we catered on Saturday, we worked together with the bride and groom in advance, so that they could have all kinds of dishes served on their special day. Welcome canap├ęs were served to the sixty guests as they arrived, followed by a smoked salmon starter, pigs in buns for the main alongside several side dishes and a choice of desserts to finish, and once everyone was satisfied, we quietly cleared away and left them to dance off their full tummies.