Hog Roast Welton Catering For A House Warming Party

Lincolnshire - set upHog Roast Welton were thrilled to be invited to cater for Sam and guests for a house warming party. We love catering for this type of event and it is a speciality of ours alongside corporate events and weddings, but we also know that careful planning needs to be considered to ensure that everyone’s expectations are met.  First point of discussion is the menu and with six to choose from ranging from an entry level option to a formal dinner and buffet, there is a selection appropriate for any type of event, number of guests and cost.  In this case, we were tasked with delivering a Slow Roast Menu with slow roasted lamb and minted cabbage, Jack Daniels BBQ glazed pork, Cajun chicken breast and sweet potato wedges, salad and sauces.  Sam also wanted a vegetarian option and asked us to prepare some veggie skewers too.

Here at Hog Roast Welton, we are aware that there are many good caterers for this type of event but what makes us great, is our meticulous attention to detail and the high quality of our food and service; all of our chefs and serving staff appreciate and understand the importance of great tasting, high-quality food and delivering a professional service.

We arrived at Sam’s wonderful new home and chose our spot in the garden to setup which immediately brought attention from some of Sam’s friends that were already there which increased further as we started to roast the meat!  Once up and running, we started serving the food as the guests were clearly ready for it and were amazed at the choice and the quality of what we had to offer.  Many came back to try a different roast and, with expectations high from their first serving, Lincolnshire - house warming partymany couldn’t decide which roast was their favourite and naturally, had to try all three!

The event ran without any hitch as you would expect and we received many compliments from the guests relating to the high quality of the food and professional service; Hog Roast Welton were very proud to contribute to the success of this event.