Hog Roast Lincoln Revs Up The Excitement At A Classic Car Show!

he weather may not have been screaming ‘summer’ last weekend, but that didn’t put a damper on the spirits of Lincolnshire locals who flocked to the recent classic car show, determined to make the most of the event’s offerings despite the gloomy skies and wet weather. And Hog Roast Lincoln was right alongside them, proudly part of the action!

The classic car show attracted a large turnout, with dozens of retro motors on display, their purring engines adding an electrifying buzz to the atmosphere. Enthusiasts marvelled at the vintage vehicles, their eyes gleaming with admiration for these automotive relics.

Hog Roast LincolnBut it wasn’t just about the cars. Local brewers had set up stalls, offering a delicious array of homemade craft beers to quench the thirst of attendees. Artisans showcased their talents with an eclectic assortment of handmade trinkets, soaps, and crochet items, adding a touch of charm to the event.

And for foodies like us, this event was heaven! From freshly made doughnuts to churros that satisfied the sweetest of sweet tooths, there was no shortage of delectable treats. For the non-meat-eaters, falafel stalls offered light and flavourful snacks. But the real star of the culinary show? Well, of course, it was Hog Roast Lincoln!

Our sensational spit roast stole the spotlight, with a whole pig cooked to golden perfection over real flames – what a sight to behold! Guests couldn’t help but watch in admiration as our expert catering manager, Rob, expertly removed the layer of crackling from the meat, pulling it with finesse.

The pulled pork and crackling were served on gluten-free or wholemeal buns, accompanied by homemade sage and onion stuffing and applesauce, offering guests a convenient and wholesome dish to enjoy as they explored the classic cars and perused the stalls.

As always, our food played a pivotal role in the success of the event, brightening everyone’s day with our famed spit roast. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, Hog Roast Lincoln brought the heat, serving up smiles and satisfaction with every bite.

So, while the skies may have been grey, the spirits at Lincolnshire’s classic car show were anything but! And with Hog Roast Lincoln in the mix, it was a day filled with revving engines, craft brews, artisanal delights, and, of course, mouth-watering hog roast sandwiches – a winning combination that left attendees craving more!