Hog Roast Tetford Catered For A Magical Moana-Themed Birthday Bash!

As Ava’s 5th birthday approached, her mum, Meghan, embarked on a quest to make the day extraordinary. After much deliberation, she set her sights on a party inspired by Ava’s favourite movie: Moana!

Eager to make the day unforgettable for her little girl, Meghan spared no expense in transforming her chosen venue into a Polynesian paradise, with balloon archways in shades of blue and cream, pampas grass accents, palm leaves, and vibrant floral bouquets. Seagrass placemats, pastel-coloured plates, and seashell name placements added a whimsical touch, while halved coconuts and cardboard cutouts of Moana characters brought the theme to life.

Hog Roast TetfordWith 50 guests ready to set sail on a culinary adventure, Meghan enlisted the help of Hog Roast Tetford to craft a feast fit for island royalty. Our catering captain, Rob, eagerly accepted the challenge and proposed our Hog Roast Dining menu—an epic spread featuring two meaty mains, a plant-based alternative, and an array of delectable sides. Meghan was hooked, recognising it as the perfect match for her vision.

At the heart of this spread was our traditional hog roast, a spectacle that had everyone gathering ‘round as Rob expertly carved the succulent meat, separating the crispy crackling from the juicy pork within. With applesauce and stuffing to tantalise taste buds, guests were treated to a flavour voyage they won’t soon forget. For those steering clear of pork, Hog Roast Tetford’s very own handmade British beef burgers and vegan-friendly BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls offered equally delicious options.

But the feast didn’t stop there! We tantalised taste buds with a treasure trove of salad delights, creamy coleslaw, and roasted new potatoes, adding a dash of flair to the spread. Meanwhile, the Moana soundtrack filled the air, immersing guests in the spirit of adventure. And, to top it off, a professional Moana entertainer made a splash with the kids, bringing the magic of the movie to life right before their eyes.

The party was an absolute hit, with Ava and her crew of young adventurers revelling in the joy of their Moana-inspired celebration. It was an honour for Hog Roast Tetford to be part of such a special occasion, and we’re so grateful to Meghan for entrusting us with her vision!