Catering In Ancaster

We are asked if business goes slow after summer? And the answer to that question is most defiantly not, if anything we can some times be busier hog roasting is very appealing in the cold weather especially if you are catering out door and hosting an out door event and you have people to feed thinking of feeding large numbers quickly with good food and you think hog roasting, a good example of this is bonfire displays in Ancaster nothing nicer than watching fireworks with a big meat sandwich and a cup of hot soup heaven! On Sunday we were catering for a very similar event it was for the astrology group they were hosting their annual meeting and all there with telescopes and now the temperature drops early and with the dark nights in swing its nice to have some hearty good food. We were asked to make some pork and apple sauce sandwiches we were asked to make some vegetable kebabs and some chicken soup we arrived early as the pig does take a fair few hours to cook and once the pig was cooking we could kick back and relax we watched as all arrived and they all had with them some very sophisticated equipment and all looked like they knew what they were doing after the meeting and presenting of awards it was time to eat and the pig carved gave lots of meat as we crammed lots of steaming hot pork and drizzled Ancaster apple sauce over the meat and closed the bun the buns were steaming but didn’t last long as they were ate in minutes we also handed out the delicious kebabs and soup which again didn’t last long and was soon gone, the astrologers asked us if we wished to take a look at the sky through the binoculars and how could we refuse we were fascinated and had never seen anything like it before, what an amazing sight to see we love the perks of our job as we are often invited to witness lots of wonderful things and this evening had to be on of the most fascinating…

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