Holding our breath!

We were met by a huge down pour on their latest expedition and to be fair we can’t really complain too much, yes we can! We are all now holding our breath with each new day as we are so afraid the sun will go but not to worry as I think we have lots more to come! We were catering in door so it wasn’t too bad catering in a large hall and the occasion was a Brownie and Guide convention which is held every year and awards are given to the girls and the brown owls so it is a very important and exciting occasion for all involved and we felt very special to be asked as we have been wanting to cater for this event for many years as we have heard about it and it is in our local village so we were really chuffed to be asked and we knew we had to impress to hopefully be asked back there again! Burgers and sausages in monster buns with ketchup, onions and mustard were on the menu followed by nicey dicey potato cubes a favourite especially amongst children and a healthier alternative to French fries, we take whole potatoes with the skin on and cube them then we drizzle them in a little vegetable oil and then the magic begins we add out top secret mix of herbs and spices over the potatoes and we then bake them in the machine and it takes minutes as our ovens are so hot we normally do them under the bbq plate as our machines are duel fuelled they come out of the oven crispy on the out side and fluffy in the centre jummy! With these we made a wonderful yogurt and lime and yogurt and garlic dip which is perfect for the potatoes, well as you can imagine every one loved the food and we never stopped all day long we had a great time chatting to the girls and we all agreed they were a lovely bunch of well mannered girls a credit to their parents we were extra pleased at the end of the day when we were asked to return next year, yes yes the booking we have been waiting for!

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