Barnack BBQ Catering


The weather looked a little over cast but we had been promised sun shine so we were relived that half way down the motor way the sun made an appearance. Hog roast were on their way far north a good two hour drive but the drive went nice and smooth arriving at the venue with lots of time to spare, a converted country barn and what a sight! Sensational a really wonderful barn and we felt so lucky to be working in such a wonderful environment. Catering for a 40th birthday and a finger buffet with expected guests of around one hundred and fifty, and the bbq plate was requested and we brought with us the finest quality one hundred percent pure beef burgers, lean wholesome sausages and some wonderful fish and stacks of vegetables and buns and raring to go! Hog roast made some delicious salads and when the guests arrived started to cook the meat. Everyone was so impressed with our state of the art bbq a plate that simply clips over the hog roasting machine and not only looks the part but really plays the part too! The food cooks to sheer perfection and thoroughly. Hog Roast Hire served the guests and the happy couple were more than impressed and said the food tasted amazing they couldn’t believe it was from a bbq and we explained that the food is cooked using controls to ensure even cooking throughout. Two of guests asked if they could hire us for events they had coming up one was a 65th birthday and the other was a wedding we gave the guests our cards and said we were sure those dates were free and we took their phone numbers so we could check when we got back to base and said we would ring them to confirm, we said our good byes and headed off for the long journey home the motor way was heaving everyone out enjoying the nice weather as soon as we reached the office we checked the diary and saw that we were free for the dates in question and rang to confirm another two bookings that’s what we love to see!

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