Richard & Colette Fretwell

The occasion was my retirement from TataSteel after 45 years, serving among other things as a Quality Assurance Manager, so I know about quality in all its different guises.

Having never done this sort of thing before, the guidance given on choice of menu and procurement of marquee and the various accessories was second to none.

The feedback from my guests to date has been excellent and I am certain the evening will bring you more business. Anyone considering marriage celebrations should consider this route as being cheaper and tastier, rather than the fare traditionally provided at a fancy hotels. For reasons of our own we chose to source the Canapés from others suppliers, however I suspect those that can be provided by Spitting Pig would be excellent.
Anyone expecting a piece of pork in a bread bun being thrown at you in passing can think again. We chose to have a Wild Boar roasted, at considerable extra expense, but after 7 hours this was cooked to perfection, and worth every penny!

To accompany the Boar, we booked three salads, Waldorf, Fresh Green leaf and TOMATO AND BASIL. They were all very good, but the latter was fabulous, made with Colin’s own hydroponically grown tomatoes of multifarious varieties.

We chose 2 deserts, Fresh Fruit flan and Lemon and Lime Cheesecake. The Cheesecake in particular was exceptional! The two serving girls hired to man the bar and serve the food were very friendly, hard working and professional. I think you have got the message by now – VERY WELL DONE!