Our Highlights Of 2023 At Hog Roast Woodhall-Spa

Hog Roast Woodhall-SpaAs we come down to the end of the year we at Hog Roast Woodhall-Spa cannot help but start to reflect a little on how brilliant 2023 has been for us. After a couple of years of uncertainty we’ve been able to come roaring back in our typical style again for a full year of some of the best events yet. If you had one with us this year, then thank you for joining along for the wonderful ride.

We’re not quite done yet though with plenty more still come in our December festive run of events, and come 2024 we’re straight into again with plenty of events already lined up, but for now we just want to look at a few of our highlights in 2023.

With hybrid working becoming the norm of 2023 our corporate catering boomed with our lunchtime workplace catering. On those days when employees were in-office rather than working from home, it became very popular to make more out of those days for workplaces and treat staffs to a stylish lunch on them. For a team like Hog Roast Woodhall-Spa, that meant a lot of fun midweek services where we coming into offices and warehouses for a quick fire lunch of our best roasts and accompaniments. Week to week we would offer different menus and specials to make those office days that little bit brighter for all.

Hog Roast Woodhall-SpaThe summertime gave us a couple of intensive heatwaves, but that was just the excuse our Hog Roast Woodhall-Spa teams needed to get the ‘barbie’ out. It wasn’t just the summer of Barbie for the movies as Hog Roast Woodhall-Spa were out serving many an outdoor event with our gourmet barbecue range. A delicious way to sizzle out in the sun and enjoy the very best of the heat while it lasted.

Autumn was dominated by the Rugby World Cup in which our Hog Roast Woodhall-Spa teams attended many a watch party for English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish fans. Its hungry work watching the players thrust and push through 80 minutes, so thankfully our roast buffets were the perfect accompaniment to the match day experience.

2024 is assured to bring many more highlights at Hog Roast Woodhall-Spa. Will be at them with us?