New year, new office location for Lincolnshire hog roasters

Well another year over and a new one just begins, after a busy December January in contrast is always a quiet month in the Hog Roast calendar. January is a month where I can catch up with all those jobs I have been putting off during the busy summer months and December. Getting the books in order and submitting to the accountant, concentrating on web site updates to ensure the successful generation of business for the coming year. Also a month in which to take stock of all equipment and consumables and to replenish, replace and add to where necessary.

We currently  operate from our home location with equipment storage being split between a porta-cabin on the garden and a garage within our outbuildings, this was acceptable but not ideal especially when you have 4 machines and 4 sets of equipment. Last year we renovated the outbuilding adjacent to the garage and during January we will be re-locating from the porta-cabin to this outbuilding, and installing a commercial sink, range cooker and prep benches. Having all the equipment in one location will make loading and unloading the trailer and vans much easier. Having the sink and prep area will mean all staff will be able to prep and clean before and after jobs and keep business activities away from the house.

So although January is a quiet month when it comes to Hog Roast jobs it will still end up being a busy month for all of us at Spitting Pig Lincolnshire

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