Hog Roast Woodhall Spa

Lincolnshire - set up1There is something a little magical lurking in the Pinewoods at Woodhall Spa. You may not think that at first but venture into the centre of the woods and you will be greeted by none other than a cinema, or more precisely the Kinema in the Woods. There cannot be many cinemas hiding in woods in the UK but this is one of them and it was apparently one of the first cinemas in the country when opened back in 1922.

It seems that Woodhall Spa’s woodland cinema is not the only surprise to be found here. There is another equally pleasant surprise in the shape of the hog roast hire Woodhall Spa caterer. Though not located in the wood the caterer does mean that five thousand people of this town can now enjoy something that the rest of the UK is growing increasingly fond of. Hog roast is fast becoming the catering food of choice at many special occasions and functions across the UK and it seems that there will be more and more hog roast Woodhall Spa events taking place in these parts too. It all makes sense really; hog roast really is a little piece of culinary history that is making a welcome comeback.

Medieval Traditions with Modern Cooking Appliances

Medieval times saw the very first hog roasts and they were enjoyed for centuries to come but for some reason, special family occasions and get togethers seemed to forget the hog roast in favour of many far less tasty alternatives. Goodness knows why as a hog roast is quite splendid. Luckily, hog roast hire Woodhall Spa caterers seem set to put new food into the mouths of local people and that can only be a good thing.

You may well have experienced hog roast before. Over the last four or five years more and more people have been booking hog roast Woodhall Spa events, such as christenings or birthdays. The catering at these is very often hog roast rolls which are set up 9perfect for informal parties. Hot hog roast rolls really are a fantastic tasting party snack and always go down a treat, perfect with a wine or beer. If you liked hog roast rolls then why consider making your next event a hog roast ‘do’ too?

Hog roast caterers certainly put in the effort when it comes to making your event a success, in fact you may be surprised at just how much effort and professionalism they put in to making your event one to remember. The meat itself takes a while to source, and that’s because the caterer is a fussy character, never quite satisfied until they have the perfect pig. Luckily they have good contacts with top suppliers so you can sure that your hog roast uses only great quality meat. It gets cooked in style, too, courtesy of the very latest hog roasting machine. This is a stunning piece of kit which your Woodhall Spa guests will find most impressive. It allows the chef to slowly cook the whole pig until it is roasted to perfection, with juicy meat and crispy crackling.

Slow Cooked Hog Roast, Cooked to Perfection

When I say slowly cook, I really mean it. Now don’t worry, you won’t have to be there for the whole of the coking process because the caterer will have started it all off beforehand, which is a good job really because it takes a god six hours to cook a hog roast. After six hours, the meat is just perfectly tender and full of incredible flavours. A tastier joint of meat you will find it difficult to match anywhere.

Hog roast is not just a very tasty and very impressive to watch being cooked but it’s also sauces 2a very accommodating dish. That one whole pig is a big beast, but you may be surprised to learn that it can feed a small army of around one hundred people! If you were hoping to host a big event in Woodhall Spa, then hog roast may be the answer.

Hog roast is also the chameleon of catering solutions and can adapt perfectly to the style of occasion you are looking to host. Maybe you want the informal hog roast rolls approach mentioned earlier? If not, maybe you are looking for something a little classier? If so, gourmet hog roast dinners with carved meat look like they were served at a top London restaurant, not in Woodhall Spa. Whatever your event, the hog roast chef is going to make it a special one, so don’t settle for less. Settle for a Woodhall Spa hog roast.