Hog Roast Broughton

Spitting Pig CateringWhen is a village not a village? Why, when it is a town of course! Broughton in Lincolnshire is just such an example. Broughton was a village until the mid seventies when it became a town, though the purists will be pleased to learn that the village hall remains for the five thousand or so residents.

Something else with a bit of a split personality is hog roast. Let me ask you this; when is a modern trend in catering not a modern trend? Well, when it’s actually a very old one, too. Just like hog roast Broughton. Hog roasts may be enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years but it’s hardly the new catering item on the Broughton block. Far from it, hog roast was feeding people back in Medieval times, so you could hardly call it modern….but it’s certainly enjoying new found popularity and that’s something the hog roast hire Broughton caterer is fully aware of. The of the hog roast Broughton event is fast changing the UK’s approach to event food. Everyone can now try something a bit different and unusual yet wonderfully delicious in a hog roast. Hog roast provides guests at any special occasion with something a bit different from the norm, bringing a touch of real cooking artistry to the table.

Quality Ingredients – Locally Sourced in Broughton

Book a hog roast hire Broughton chef and you will not regret it. A hog roast Broughton event will not only bring a welcome change from tedious catering food choices bit also put a smile on people’s faces with exciting new tastes.If you like to watch those cooking programmes on TV and learn all about the importance of quality ingredients when it comes to cooking a fantastic meal then you are going to be over the moon when you look a little closer at hog roasting, for it really is a food lover’s delight. Every aspect of the hog roast chef’s work is a testament to cooking at its best, and that of course starts off with quality ingredients, namely the pig itself. Many people actually wonder if hog roast uses wild boar but no, it is a pig, albeit a quality one. The hog roast chef chooseshomepagelower very carefully when picking the pig and only ever gets a quality pig from a reputable supplier. Just like those chefs on TV always say, great meat is essential for a great meal.

Something else they always say is that slow roasting rules when you want the best tasting meat. We all know that a Sunday roast needs a good couple of hours but we are talking pig here, so it must be big! Big roasting is six hours. It’s a long time but it is well worth it. Slow roasting allows the meat to really mature and soak up all those incredible juicy flavours. That means really remarkable tasting meat for your Broughton diners. One of the major plusses of a hog roast is that it really looks special. When you walk into a venue and one of the first things that you see is a pig on a spit roasting machine then you can’t help but be impressed. It looks classy, impressive and special….which is what you really want from a ‘special’ event! The aromas that hit you are also something quite brilliant. Think of all the best roasts you have ever had then distill them into one single aroma and you have something close to hog roast. It is pure food magic.

Hog Roast Value For Money Catering

Something else that you should be aware of with hog roast is that it is surprisingly good value. No-one is saying that pig roast Broughton is cheap but you will not find a more affordable, quality and freshly cooked catering option anywhere let alone in Broughton. Add to that the fact that a standard sized hog roast pig has enough quality pork on it to feed over a hundred guests and you may start to think about topping up your guest list. Of course, the main point of choosing good catering for your Broughton event is to ensure that you can provide great tasting food for everyone. Your hog roast caterer won’t let you down in that respect. Hog roast meat is some of the most tender, succulent and flavoursome meat you will ever taste. What’s more, you will have been treated to a fresh cooking masterclass and some of the best quality pork available. Broughton hog roast events are the future, even if hog roast is something from the past!