Hog Roast Branston

qaEvery village needs a good pub. You could say it’s an unwritten part of UK law that there must be at least one pub in every village throughout the land, and indeed that is usually what you would find. One such village where there is a solitary pub is Branston in Lincolnshire. For a large village with over four thousand people, you would expect there to be more than one pub, but it seems that the one that is there is more than good enough to meet the needs of the locals.

Branston Is Famous For More Than Just A Hearty Hog Roast

Branston is actually very near an RAF airfield which hosts an international annual air show which attracts thousands of visitors has raised over £2 million for various causes over the years.

Large villages like Branston like a good special function or occasion just as much as its larger Lincolnshire neighbours, so there is always something being lined up. Maybe it’s a birthday, a christening or a wedding reception? Whatever the excuse, Branston knows how to party and the hog roast hire Branston caterer certainly knows how to keep the partygoers well fed.

A hog roast Branston event can certainly be a big event and if you are one of the people who live in this Lincolnshire village you may want to think about how many people are you want to invite to your Branston spectacular. Sorting out your numbers is really quite important as it allows the hog roast hire Branston caterer to plan well ahead, but one thing it almost certainly won’t do is blow your budget. Why? Well with a hog roast Branston you can breathe a sigh of relief because hog roast is very accommodating meal indeed, with the hog roast caterer able to carve enough meat out off that one whole pig to feed over one hundred people! If you were planning on inviting a hundred people then you are sorted. Any less and you may want to consider adding a few extra names to the list! Not bad all from a from a single pig.

There’s More Than One Way To Enjoy A Roasted Hogaboutus-168x300

You will also want to think about the style of hog roast hire Branston event you want. You see hog roast is a very versatile meal which is just as happy being the ultra posh sit down dinner as it is being the informal party snack (albeit an incredibly tasty one). You may well have already been to a hog roast event or two, maybe at a pub or a garden party) where hog roast has been served on hot rolls. Hog roast rolls are quite something; extremely tasty, filling and just right for an informal event where you want to carry your food around with you. Youngsters in particular seem to love hog roast rolls.

But what if your event requires something a little more upmarket in style? A bit more posh? Well, there’s no need for you to ditch the hog roast caterer because hog roast is just as happy at being the fancy sit down meal. Hog roast really can make a stunning meal for your Branston guests. Hog roast actually carves like a dream and those beautiful slices of quality pork look wonderful alongside apple sauce, crackling and all the usual accompaniments. Hog roast may not seem like the perfect choice for a formal meal but I can assure you that when you see (and taste) how great hog roast is when served this way, you will never think of hog roast the same way.

It’s no surprise that hog roast hire Branston is becoming more and more popular. This versatility is just one reason why it is becoming the new dark horse in great catering. Another reason could be down to the increasing interest in quality cooking, not something that could be applied to most forms of special occasion catering! Pig roast Branston truly is a quality dish and the hog roast caterer makes sure that the meat you eat is up there with the best. Hey choose only the very best pigs from their regular suppliers, meaning you get the very best tasting meat there is. And with six hours cooking time ensuring that the pig is freshly cooked to absolute perfection and loaded with taste, tenderness and succulent meat, you simply cannot go wrong.

Choosing the right catering for your Branston event is a straightforward choice. Do you opt for the same old bland solutions that no-one really remembers or enjoys, or do you choose the freshly cooked, exciting and quality option that is sweeping the nation? It’s not a tough choice!