Hog Roast Brandy Wharf

Hog Roast Brandy WharfIf you are planning an outdoor event and you are looking for something a bit different in the catering department, you will be delighted with everything that Hog Roast Brandy Wharf have to offer.

We are the number one supplier of hog roast catering services in the Brandy Wharf area and we are able to cater for any type of event in any location. We are incredibly discerning about how we source our pork and we only ever select the best ethically-reared meat from local producers. Our experienced chefs have the expertise to enhance the natural flavour and succulence of our high quality pork by roasting it slowly for several hours in our state of the art hog roasting machines.

All of our chefs are specialists in their field and are able to delight our diners not just with our superior pork, but with a range of other meats as well, including spring lamb, organic chicken and sirloin of beef. So even if pork is not your number one preference or some of your guests would prefer an alternative, we have the flexibility to provide it.

Hog Roast Brandy Wharf – Great Food For All Occasions

Hog Roast Brandy WharfYou will find an abundance of choice in Hog Roast Brandy Wharf’s vast range of menus, which are designed to cater for all tastes and include imaginative meat-free dishes, a wide  selection of different flavours and the option to provide alternatives to cater for different dietary requirements and food intolerance’s. We can provide bountiful buffets and sophisticated 3 course meals for any occasion and we are becoming an increasingly popular choice for wedding receptions and corporate events, due to the standard of our ingredients and our ability to provide high quality dishes in any location.

If you would prefer a more formal sit down meal, we can even provide our own handmade canapes to greet you and your guests, as well as professional table service courtesy of our own waiting team. If you are planning an event in the area and you like the sound of our varied menus that cater for all tastes, our versatility to cater in any environment and our commitment to  quality ingredients, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Hog Roast Brandy Wharf team to discuss your requirements.