Weddings and their Historic Traditions

We’ve been up to all sorts the last couple of weeks. I’ve cooked hog roasts at peoples birthday parties, their weddings, and been about to see plenty of machines being loaded into a van on their way to events for hire.Saturday started in what’s become typical fashion for Spitting Pig, a 100 strong event, specifically two events of 100 people, both of them were wedding receptions. Hog roasts are getting really popular for wedding receptions, weddings have such historic traditions and that’s a good match for a hog roast, because hog roasting is equally as historic and exalted.

On Sunday there was another wedding this time we cooked wedding menu 4 which included reception drinks, myself as the chef, a catering assistant, a front of house and a team of waitresses. From the canapes right through to the dessert the food was breath taking, but the main event of the meal was spit roast pig or spit roast sirloin of beef and both were the real talk of the meal. Later on in that evening we provided a bare hire for 100 people which goes without saying was excellent.

On Monday the week started in the same fashion, another wedding menu this time menu 3, but also there were 2 machines hired out on Monday.

The machine hire service is well known by now and it’s really picking up in popularity, our spit roast expert delivered both machines directly to the client and showed them the machine functions and how they run, so they knew just exactly what they needed to do to make their own amazing hog roast.

The Spitting Pig machines were both hired out for the period of 1 week and we’re just waiting to hear back from the clients, we’re hoping that they’re getting some good use out of the machines so far and will be back in future for more machine hire.

It’s been as varied as it has busy these last couple of days but all the work has us energised and more up for it than ever for future events.

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