Wedding Bells For Hog Roast Midville

Saturday was again a wedding event for Hog Roast Midville and we absolutely love catering for weddings! This one was in our hometown so not far to travel but plenty to prepare. Catering for 50 guests and a sit down meal held in the village hall. When we arrived the tables and chairs were all lined up so we covered them in white linen places our best china and cutlery on the tables, our chefs were already cooking the meat pig and spit chickens we brought two of our huge machines roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy for main.

For starters we made some wonderful fresh salmon with an assortment of dressings and dessert some individual puddings and trifles. The Hog Roast Midville food looked amazing and our staff put the finishing touches to the tables and right on time the guests arrived. As the gusts took to their seats and the speeches were being read we quietly carved the meats and put the finishing touches to the meats then we began to serve. The smell was amazing and the guests were so impressed at the Hog Roast Midville and couldn’t believe how succulent and tender the meat was some were saying it was the best food they had ever tasted! Each course went down well and lots of clean plates our staff were collecting.

After the main was served we handed out lots of extra meat on platters too to which the guests helped themselves we had guests coming over to have a close look at the pig being carved and were very impressed. The bride and groom spoke to us and said they felt at ease knowing we had taken care of everything and couldn’t thank us enough. They said it was by chance they came across our website and said they were ever so happy they did! When all were fed we cleared away and left some leaflets for guests and lots of guests took one and said they would be very interested in booking us, as they all loved the food. We had a wonderful day we always do it doesn’t even feel like work as get such satisfaction of making others happy and we always do.