Trinity Event Solutions Celebrating The Hard Work Of Their Staff, Suppliers and Clients

Hog Roast Stamford has catered many a corporate function over the years, from team-building events to staff Christmas parties, and we have lots of repeat customers who can’t get enough of our tasty food. While we have many menus for you to peruse, and all kinds of options for you and your guests to enjoy, we’re often asked for one particular menu that people just can’t get enough of and that’s our Menu 1 – pigs in buns. Otherwise known as hog roast rolls, these delicious pieces of heaven start off as a high-quality, local, fresh pig that we prepare from scratch at your venue, cook for several hours and then serve nice and hot. We fill fresh bread rolls and wraps with bits of meat and crackling, top with our homemade apple sauce and stuffing and then let you add your choice of condiments before you munch away on the best hog roast rolls in town.

Hog Roast Stamford was recently asked by Karen to cater locally with our famous pigs in buns at Trinity Event Solutions on Northamptonshire - meat2Tinwell Road. For the pre-launch of a new service that they will launch in September (its new venue-finding service) and to thank everyone for their commitment and support so far, the 100 guests of suppliers, clients and staff would get to devour our lovely hog roast rolls. We would be cooking our popular veggie skewers too, which feature fresh vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, courgette and red onion, as well as yummy pieces of halloumi, and can be made vegan by leaving out the cheese. We have plenty of alternative dishes for vegetarians and vegans, as well as options for guests on other special diets, as we want to ensure that everyone is fed well at your party or event.

On the day of the event, the party was in the lovely courtyard outside the Trinity Event Solutions offices. Our Hog Roast Stamford team members of Ash and Ben arrived hours before service to roast the hog and set up all our equipment and then cooked away under the hot Lincolnshire sun and before we knew it, it was time to serve everyone our gorgeous pigs in buns and veggie skewers.