October events

For October the weekend I most enjoyed was the very last one, Friday and Saturday had two party events, but it was the weekend as a whole that I really found enthralling as a Spitting Pig hog roast chef. The sheer number of people we served on the last weekend is almost too hard to believe. To start with we provided catering at a circus that was in town on Thursday evening, we were back again on Friday evening for round 2. In all our hog roast was made for over 500 people. Not a bad start, considering a second Spitting Pig Lincolnshire team catered two parties for roughly half that number on Thursday and Friday too. On Saturday the whole team came together, combining forces to cater at a fair. The fair had everything a kid would want, thrilling rides, plenty of popcorn, sweets and candyfloss, and so with that in mind it was mainly the adults who came to us for some real food – the best spit roast pig rolls you’ll ever know. And like the circus that had us busy on Thursday and Friday, the fair was an event over multiple days, they’d booked us for the Saturday and the Sunday. Giving us plenty of hog roast work to keep Spitting Pig busy. In all we put our hog roast roll count for the weekend at more than 2,000! The tender, flavoursome spit pig with notorious helpings of crispy crackling went down an absolute treat on all the occasions. By Sunday I was well and truly tired out from hog roasting almost non-stop, I had a good, long sleep, recharging my batteries for the next week. I was also the hog roast chef on the last day of the month, Wednesday gone, for a wedding reception. Wedding receptions are a bit more common, at the wedding reception there were 107 guests, each of them had the choice between spit roast pig or spit roast chicken, most ticked off spit roast pig but a lot of them wanted the spit roast chicken. Gladly, I cooked and served both to the guests. Now looking at my calender for November I can see there’s many similar jobs that I’m booked in for, I cannot wait.

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