It’s MARVEL-lous! Hog Roast Belleau at movie night.

Hog Roast Belleau recently catered for a Marvel movie night at Belleau town hall. The social club for young people aged between 18 and 24 decided to host a night where the young adults could mingle and enjoy their favourite movie franchise.

Hog Roast BelleauWith a confirmed guest list of 35 young adults (who had paid a reduced rate for tickets to attend the movie night) the Hog Roast Belleau team knew that they needed a young, fun and tasty menu to match their guest list! They worked closely with the clients to put together a menu that was just that!

All the dishes that made up the delicious menu were to be made at the town hall in the hours leading up to the 8pm buffet serving time. The Chef from the Hog Roast Belleau team set up the catering equipment and serving table (including the disposable crockery and cutlery) in plenty of time.

The main attraction at the buffet serving table was the very popular BBQ 100% beef burgers and Chefs own gourmet sausage. Next to these delicious offerings there was a large basket of soft rolls and a large bowl of shredded cheese so that the guests could make their own burgers and hot dogs! But these weren’t the only tasty treats on offer. There was also a mountain of jacket wedges, Waldorf salad, Caesar salad and coleslaw and an assortment of dips and sauces.

The clients loved this menu, they felt it reflected the youthful nature of the guest list and given the fact that no food went to waste it certainly seemed that the guests agreed! The whole event was a massive success and the Chef and guests had a great time.

After the food had been enjoyed the Chef discreetly tidied away all the equipment and rubbish, which would be taken away from site and disposed of safely. The Chef left the guests and clients to enjoy what remained of their movie night, safe in the knowledge that the food had been thoroughly enjoyed.