Hog Roast Washingborough

Lincolnshire - set up1So, let’s picture the scene. You live in a small Lincolnshire village and you are planning a special celebration. Maybe it’s a momentous birthday, a 4oth Wedding anniversary or a Christening. Whatever it is and whoever it is for, you are keen to make sure that it’s done properly…otherwise what’s the point. With that in mind, are you really going to spoil everything by going for the same old boring catering food that everyone seems to go for. You know the sort of thing; boring sandwiches and sausage rolls. I am sure that everyone is so fed up those sorts of things by now, so why not do something a little different instead. After all you do have a hog roast hire Washingborough caterer to give your party a bit of an edge, don’t you?

Wow Your Guests With a Hog Roast

That’s right. Think outside the box next time you organise an event and give the hog roast hire Washinborough caterer a call. Making your event a hog roast Washingborough event will not only be a big surprise for all concerned but also make a very pleasant surprise because hog roast really is a stunning option for any special event. Let me tell you why opting for a hog roast Washingborough event makes perfect sense.

One of the main problems with event catering is that it’s usually pre cooked or warmed up frozen food. Nothing wrong with that of course but it’s hardly befitting of a ‘special’ event, is it. So you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a freshly cooked, quality hog roast is going to cost a lot less than you may have previously thought. You really will be blown away by the quality of the food. It all starts off with a quality whole pig. The pig roast Washingborough caterers is dedicated to selecting only the best possible meat for every hog roast undertaken so a trip to their local supplier ensures that a top quality, well reared pig is going to be used at your hog roast. You see, it’s not just the TV chefs who bang on about using top quality meat, it’s important to all decent chefs. Great quality meat almost always ensures superb quality results.

Fantastic Quality Ingredients and Delicious Meats

Hog roast is surprisingly affordable so don’t go worrying that this top quality is going to end up costing an arm and a leg because it won’t. In fact, you may not have realised that a standard whole hog roast is going to give the caterer enough meat to serve over one hundred people at your event. That means lots of happy guests and a lower cost per head than you would have expected. You’ll be as happy as a pig (or hog) in qamuck.

Cooking a hog roast is a professional task and for such a task the caterer needs the right tools. It takes more than just a prod here and there with a fork. No, you need to bring in the hog roasting machine. This fantastic piece of modern kit is the twenty first century answers to the open fire but does a much more efficient job of cooking the hog roast to absolute perfection. And what you may also want to remember is that hog roast is a cooking visual feast for all your guests to enjoy. The hog roast caterer will finish off the cooking of the hog roast before their very eyes, which will make a pleasant change in special event entertainment, usually involving laughing at the dads attempting hip hop dance moves. Not good.

Freshly Cooked to Perfection Every Time

Cooking time starts a bit before your party because the hog roast really needs a substantial amount of cooking time before it is absolutely perfect. And it really is some time! Six hours is usually long enough to get the very best out of a whole pig and ensure all those incredible, succulent flavours have made their way into all that incredible pork meat. And of course, you can’t forget that most important bit of all, the crackling. Hog roast crackling is unbeatable and probably the best you will ever have tasted in your life, let alone in Washingborough.

So there you have it. If you were still pondering over what catering to book for your special occasion, then I hope I have given you one very large pig shaped hint as to what it should be. Make sure it is freshly cooked, using quality ingredients, good entertainment, slow roasted and incredible tasting. In short, make sure your special occasion is a fantastic hog roast Washingborough.