Hog Roast Market Rasen

Lincolnshire - set up1Market Rasen is actually a famously known town known as the sleepiest town in England by Charles Dickens however there is much more to this town today than this nickname. When I first started as a hog roast caterer in the Market Rasen area, I was amazed at the reaction I would get from people in this town. For many, this was their first experience of a hog roast Market Rasen function which quiet surprised me at the time because although hog roasting with a hog roast machine is usually used for big events , it is an old traditional style of cooking that has been used for hundreds and thousands of years, so hearing that only few of the people I catered for had tried the hog roast before was quite shocking, this was great for me however because so many people were intrigued with the cooking process and fascinated with the results that such a machine could create .  The hog roast machine is certainly an impressive piece of kit and, that alone is guaranteed to draw a crowd of interested onlookers (usually the men). People come up to you and ask about. They are genuinely interested in what’s going on. It’s a bit like a barbecue where everyone can’t wait to get stuck in to the food. Of course, a hog roast Market Rasen is a bit bigger than your typical Market Rasen barbecue and that makes it even more special.

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I love the carving and serving up best. People start queuing up and, by that time, they have usually had to contend with the aroma of delicious freshly cooked hog roast for over an hour…so they are starving. The adults really enjoy the flavours and the spectacle of it all and they always comment on the great taste of the hog. But what surprised me most when I first started out was that the young kids absolutely adore my hog roast Market Rasen food too. I can see many of the kids wanting to become a Market Rasen based hog roast caterer themselves when they are little bit older.

With Market Rasen being a big popular market town, the people here know their meat inside and out as most of the meat comes from the local farmers. Things like the Market Rasen Farmers’ market allow people to regularly get their hands on great quality meat whenever they fancy it, and I think that appreciation of good food helps me get loads of new and repeat business in Market Rasen because they recognise the great care I as a caterer put into cooking my hog roast Market Rasen. They also appreciate the fresh flavours from a great tasting piece of quality meat which gives you a great feeling of pride when you have created something so great that everyone is tucking in to, which has also been sourced from one of the best suppliers of meat in the UK which of course is our local farmers.

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Until I started my new career as a hog roast Market Rasen, caterer, I’d never worked in the food service industry before but had a great passion for catering and being creative with my cooking. It was a leap in the dark when I began hog roast catering Market Rasen style and certainly a learning curve for me, but I know that there is always a market for great tasting, freshly cooked food, so when the opportunity arose to set up as a caterer in Market Rasen I couldn’t pass it by.

set up 9I love my food but a beautiful hog roast has to be my absolute favourite when it comes to choosing my favourite dish. The flavours you get from the hog roasting process are simply unbeatable. I had been to many parties, functions and events in Market Rasen where hog roasts have been laid on and they were brilliant.

I’ve been a hog roast Market Rasen caterer at many events throughout Market Rasen including some great beer garden events, weddings and christenings that everyone seems to love, and it’s very reassuring as a caterer that people tell you time and again that ‘the hog roast was absolutely brilliant’. I’ve had lots of recommendations over the years and this has resulted in a huge amount of repeat business, which is great. My hog roast caterer career in Market Rasen has really taken off. Whoever said that pigs (or hogs) can’t fly?