Hog Roast Horncastle

Spitting Pig CateringSome places have relatively gruesome histories, others are just mildly associated with gruesomeness. The Lincolnshire town of Horncastle is one such place where the latter would apply. Yes, the town is only a few miles from a famous battle during the civil war but that is not what I’m referring to. Instead it is William Marwood, one of the country’s most famous hangmen. It was Marwood who developed the ‘long drop’ technique!

Not that Horncastle want to be known for a hangman. What about as a thriving market town of six thousand people? Or how about as a well know antiques trade town? Those all seem far more preferable than being known as a hangman’s town. Another positive for the town is the availability of great special occasion catering courtesy of the local hog roast hire Horncastle caterer.

Hog Roast Catering is anything but Bland!

Hog roast Horncastle events were unheard of about ten years ago, but something strange has happened over the last decade, and it is a very welcome change indeed. Catering at events is changing. It seems to me that people have become a little tired of attending special events only to find that the catering there is anything but special. When you go to an important event or a celebratory occasion, you expect the food to be something that reflects that, not something that undermines it. For that reason, you could say that the rise of the hog roast hire Horncastle chef is something not just to be welcomed but to be loudly applauded!

There really is nothing quite like a special occasion to put a big smile on people’s faces. The chance to meet up with friends, relations and colleagues is always a good excuse for a really fantastic night, and now that hog roast Horncastle events are taking place more often, there’s even more reasons to smile and celebrate. So have you taken the plunge yet and organised a hog roast Horncastle event. You should, and it’s a lot easier than you think.

Professionally Organised Catering taking away all of toprightthe Stress

The hog roast caterer really is your very best friend when organising a Horncastle hog roast. Catering can be a complete and utter nightmare if you try and organise it yourself, so why bother when the professionals can do it better, more effectively and without causing you any stress whatsoever? It’s what’s called a no brainer!

Okay, so let’s imagine that have taken the brave decision to organise the annual work evening conference at a local hotel. It’s a big responsibility and it needs to be just right. You don’t want to upset the bosses, do you? This is why it is so important to get the right caterer because they can be the saviour of a special occasion.

Pig roast Horncastle is a superb choice when it comes to important business and corporate hospitality events. It may be everyone’s first choice but you may be very surprised at just how great hog roast proves to be at just such events. For a start, hog roast is mightily impressive for your Horncastle guests. You can imagine what they are thinking as they stroll into the venue expecting another let down of an event meal, only to be greeted by the amazing sight of a huge spit roasting pig. It really does look fantastic and sends a loud and clear message to your guests that you intend to make this a great night for them.

From Buffets to Gourmet Catering

Now, I know what you are thinking. You can’t possibly serve hog roast rolls at a corporate meal. Well, you could…but it wouldn’t be right, would it? That’s why this hog roast is going to serve as a gourmet hog roast dinner. Yes, you heard. This Horncastle party will be treated to professionally carved pork served with the most stunning crackling, apple sauce, vegetables and potatoes. Gourmet hog roast looks and tastes every bit as magical as it sounds and really manages to combine the traditional benefits of a roast dinner with the edginess of hog roast. Your guests will adore it and it will really make a positive lasting impression: just what you want.

It is easy to get a little lazy when deciding on catering for a special occasion and choose the safe, traditional catering options that no-one really cares for very much but will happily put up with. I say that a special event deserves a little more effort and a Horncastle hog roast delivers just that. Choose great tasting meat and fresh, exciting cooking for your next Horncastle occasion and give your hog roast caterer a call today.