Hog Roast Coningsby Served A Traditional Turkey Dinner At A Staff Christmas Party

It’s always a pleasure when clients return to give us repeat business, and having previously catered for two summertime events at the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park, Hog Roast Coningsby was happy to receive a winter booking which saw our team serve a festive feast at the staff’s annual Christmas party. Although our hog roasts have gone down a treat at this venue in the past, this time around event organiser, Nicky was eager to keep things strictly traditional by asking us to serve a turkey roast dinner with enough food to generously serve the 85 guests who had confirmed their attendance.

Hog Roast ConingsbyKnowing the client well, catering manager Rob was placed in charge of the occasion and after discussing our bespoke menu options with Nicky in more detail, she decided to include the recommended meat-free alternative along with our soft floured gluten-free rolls and wraps. After finalising the details of the event and knowing that Hog Roast Coningsby had everything taken care of, Nicky was grateful to have nothing left to worry about and instead she was able to enjoy the run-up to Christmas with the same excitement and enthusiasm as the other guests.

When Hog Roast Coningsby arrived at the venue on the day of the party, the atmosphere was already buzzing as the staff eagerly anticipated the Christmas luncheon; and not wanting to keep them waiting any longer than necessary, the catering crew immediately began preparing the mouth-watering spread. Using strictly, locally-sourced ingredients from award-winning British farmers, the team whipped up a delicious feast which centred around slow roasted whole turkey with freshly made cranberry sauce and sage and onion stuffing. Instead of the juicy carvings of meat, vegetarians and vegans were treated to a flavourful selection of grilled vegetable skewers with optional haloumi which were served with flatbreads and a tzatziki dip.

Once again, Hog Roast Coningsby had managed to exceed all expectations with their drool-worthy buffet that the guests couldn’t seem to get enough of, and as the event drew to a close, the catering crew discreetly cleared away the mess which they disposed of off-site.