Hog Roast Barton upon Humber

Spitting Pig CateringMention the name Barton and most people these days will often think of a certain rather controversial footballer, one that is known a rather short fuse and his use of the web for airing his views, but Barton upon Humber is a far less controversial topic and, one can quite happily say, a far more pleasant one too.

Barton upon Humber is a North Lincolnshire market town and a very nice one too, but this town has a little bit of history behind it too, namely in the shape of St Peter’s tower which is a historically important Saxon church tower. In fact the town has been home to another of archaeologically important Saxon finds over the years.

So, Barton upon Humber is a historically important market town, that much is certain, but what of the here and now for the good people of Barton upon Humber? What is happening in the town these days of significance. Well, something that also has a foot (or trotter) in history is enjoying a new lease of life here and across the UK. Welcome to hog roast Barton upon Humber! You heard me right. Hog roast Barton upon Humber really is enjoying a welcome return from an old friend in the form of the hog roast. This town probably knows more about hog roast than most given its Medieval past. Hog roast was the feast of choice in Medieval times so it is fair to say that quite a few hog roast would have been enjoyed in the town in those times.

Thinking About Having A Hog Roast For Your Event in Barton upon Humber?

Given that hog roast is such an old meal, why is it now coming back into fashion as a special function catering option? After all, there are surely many alternatives out there that people could choose? Well, you would think so but it seems that none have the complete all round quality, value or appeal of hog roast. It’s understandable too, especially when you realise the amount of hard work that goes into the preparation and cooking by the hog roast hire Barton upon Humber caterer.Choosing a hog roast hire Barton on Humber caterer could be the best decision you ever make. Planning and FullSizeRenderanising a special event is a big responsibility choosing the right caterer and food is arguably the most important decision. Catering can make or break your event. With hog roast, you are sure to ‘make it’!n hog roast hire Barton upon Humber caterer takes their job very seriously in order to make your special event so smoothly. It all starts with them choosing the best quality meat for your hog roast. All good chefs with go on about how the best meat gives you the best results and they are of course quite right. Poor cuts of cheap meat just don’t pack the same flavours as good quality meat. This is something that the hog roast caterer is only too aware of, which is why they take great pride in selecting a fine quality pig from a highly reputable supplier. This way, they can be sure that your hog roast is already off to a fine start.

A Roasted Hog Is A Centuries Old Tradition

Back in medieval times, a hog roast would have been cooked over a huge open fire and would made for quite a glorious sight, but times have changed and health and safety concerns mean that a huge open fire is not really a viable way to cook at a special occasion. That said, the hog roasting machine is certainly a great compromise. It’s a modern take on the pig spit. This hog roasting machine will cook the carefully selected whole pig for up to six long hours. Six hours may seem like a lot but there is a good reason for this. Whole pigs are always going to take as lot longer to cook than a qatraditional joint, but you also need to allow for the slow roasting process which allows those all important juices in the pig to slowly seep into the meat and create those incredible hog roast flavours.

So, you have the pig and your caterer is coking it very very slowly on the hog roasting machine. But did you also know that the single pig is going to provide enough delicious meat to feed over one hundred people? That’s one accommodating pig. If you are planning a pig roast Barton upon Humber function and are in need of catering inspiration, you really should consider making your event a Barton upon Humber hog roast event. Your guests will almost certainly thank you for it!