A New Corporate Client For Hog Roast Grantham

Recently, the Hog Roast Grantham team were hired by a corporate client, a company called Landis+Gyr, located on Northfields Industrial Estate in Peterborough. The food was prepared and cooked on site by the Hog Roast team to ensure that everything tasted great. In addition, the Head chef also seasoned everything that was served onto the buffet table. The event was a great success and both the team’s Head Chef and their client were very pleased by the outcome.

The client chose Menu Two from the selection of corporate menus offered by Hog Roast Granthamthe Hog Roast Grantham team. The menu was served as a buffet, cooked in a BBQ style, and was served on disposable crockery which the team discreetly cleared away afterwards. The food took on a more casual style despite the slightly formal corporate setting. The buffet featured classic beef burgers and locally sauced sausages. These were served with the traditional toppings and sides of melted cheese, onions and a selection of sauces. The vegetarian option served on the day was the Hog Roast Grantham team’s traditional lightly grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers served with pitta breads and a tzatziki dip. Moreover, all of the food was served alongside soft bread rolls which were served in wicker baskets on the buffet table. All of the food tasted fantastically fresh because all the ingredients were locally sourced which helped to add extra flavour. In addition, the team also provided a chilled soft drink for each of the guests.

The buffet was served to 100 people and so it was crucial that the Hog Roast Grantham team’s Head Chef, Rob, served all of the food to the buffet at the same time. In addition, as the service was delivered, the team worked hard to top up the buffet to ensure that everyone came away from the event with full bellies. The food was served at 12:30 pm so it was important that the service went well and the food was delivered on time as the buffet replaced the guests’ lunch time meal and the team certainly did not want them to go hungry.