A Corporate Christmas Event For Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent

   Recently, the Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent team were hired by a corporate client, Specialised Orthotic Services, to help to reward the company’s staff for their hard work over the year and the festive season. The buffet was served as a lunch for the staff on site at the work place at their location in Burton-Upon-Trent and the food was well received.

   The event was arranged by Emma who chose Menu Three for their well deserving staff. This menu included a traditional slow roasted pig cooked on site by the Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent team which was served with stuffing, apple sauce and classic crackling. In addition, turkey was served alongside the Hog as a special Christmas option alongside beef brisket. Furthermore, for the vegetarian option the team crafted vegetarian skewers. Alongside these main dishes, seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes were served up onto the buffet hot plates. The menu also included the classic Hog Roast team sides and sauces to compliment the meats. For the more formal feel, the food was served on wooden crockery and cutlery which were provided by the Hog Roast team.

   The service was led by the Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent team Head Chef, Rob, who ensured that all of the food was cooked perfectly. Emma requested for the food to be served at 1pm so all of the staff could enjoy the food during their lunch break. The buffet was for 70 people and so the team also ensured that there was plenty of food for everyone and that it was spread out along a buffet table so that all of the staff could receive their food quickly so that they could all finish the food during their break.

   The staff had a great time and really enjoyed the food as there was something for everyone on the Hog Roast team buffet and many returned to the buffet for second and third helpings. The Hog Roast party was a great way for the staff to celebrate the year and also to get them in the Christmas spirit with their festive menu so that they were ready for the holidays.